Texas Rangers - The Road to the Championship
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Texas Rangers - The Road to the Championship

This is what dreams are made of, the Texas Rangers finally clinched that beautiful Commissioner's Trophy, held it high, and made it clear...it's never about where you started, it's about where you end up, as long as where you end up is a WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP. 

How Did The Ranger's Get Here?

Taking 63 years to bring a championship home to Texas, the Rangers were daunted with two words no team wants to hear nearing post-season play... WILD CARD. While tying the Astro's at 90-72 in the American League West to finish the regular season, they had lost the head-to-head series, resulting in the aforementioned Wild Card route. 

Winning on the road is no easy task and many would say simply achieving .500 is playing "good" baseball, well the Rangers took those odds one step further and won 11 straight road games on their way to the chip, playing 6 out of their first seven, including the wild card series, all on the road. Showcasing fierce resiliency and determination like none other, they showed elite pitching from Nathan Eovaldi (5 post-season wins), MVP performance from Cory Seager (winning his 2nd MVP with his last being a Dodger in 2020), clutch hits from Marcus Semien, and a tight knit group built for October. Full Stats

The Rangers' 11-game winning streak on the road set a new Major League Baseball playoff record. The top five in the category are as follows:

2023 Rangers, 11 (active)
1996-97 Yankees, 9
1937-42 Yankees, 9
2019 Nationals, 8
1926-32 Yankees, 8

In the Wild Card round, the Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays twice in St. Petersburg, Florida, to begin their playoff campaign. They then won the first two games at Camden Yards and swept the Baltimore Orioles 3-0. This prepared the Astros, who had the benefit of playing at home, for an ALCS matchup. But the Rangers showed no fear, defeating the reigning champs and their fans in all four of their games at Minute Maid Park.

The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Rangers squared off in the thrilling 119th World Series. The Rangers didn't depend on home-field advantage, even though they had it. They swept the last three games at Chase Field in Phoenix, including a commanding 5-0 victory in Game 5 on Wednesday, after splitting the first two games at Globe Life Field.

2023 World Series Vs. Arizona Diamondbacks Won, 4-1
AL Championship Series Vs. Houston Astros Won, 4-3
AL Division Series Vs. Baltimore Orioles Won, 3-0
AL Wild Card Series Vs. Tampa Bay Rays Won, 2-0

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