Giant Tumble Tower Gameplay Guide

Giant Tumble Tower Gameplay Guide

Selecting a Playing Area:

Find a suitable flat, firm, and level surface to set up the Victory Tumble tower. Make sure the playing area is free from obstacles and provides enough space for players to move around the tower.

Building the Initial Tower:

Start by creating the base of the tower with three blocks placed adjacent to each other along their long side. Continue building upwards, adding 18 levels in total. Alternate the direction of the blocks on each level to create a stable and uniform rectangular tower. If it looks like the leaning tower of pisa to start, you did something wrong.


Player Turns:
Players take turns using only one hand to carefully pull a block from anywhere below the highest completed level.

The block must then be stacked on top of the highest level, perpendicular to the blocks just below it.

Touching Blocks:
Players are allowed to touch other blocks to find loose ones but must return the block to its original position before touching another block.

Placement of Blocks:
During their turn, a player can choose any spot on the highest level to place their block. The objective is to keep the tower stable and prevent it from falling during their turn.

Turn Time Limit:
A player's turn ends 10 seconds after stacking their block or as soon as the player to their left touches a block.

Sequence of Turns:
After a player takes their turn, the player to their left is next in line to play.

Game Progression:
As players take turns pulling out blocks, the tower becomes less stable and taller.

The challenge is to maintain the stability of the tower and prevent it from falling during your turn.

Winning the Game:
The last player to successfully take a turn before the tower falls is declared the winner. The game continues until the tower collapses, and players enjoy the suspense and excitement of the growing instability.

Encourage players to strategize and carefully choose blocks to maintain the tower's stability.

Keep the vibe exciting and engaging by cheering for successful moves and creating a sense of anticipation as the tower becomes increasingly unsteady.

Consider adding variations or house rules to enhance the gameplay and keep the experience fresh for players.


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